Gauging the climate for 2021

The definition of ‘business as normal’ has evolved quite swiftly and significantly over the past year with the effects of the pandemic reverberating across all facets of the economy. Bringing this closer to home in the legal sector, a recent survey by The Law Society indicates that law firms across the UK forecast a 10-15% revenue loss in the 2020/2021 fiscal year. This is just the tip of the iceberg. 

With 17 years of experience specialising in law firm mergers, acquisitions and executive search, Ortus Group is familiar with the fact that changing tides brings new opportunities and challenges. To service the legal sector better while surging towards a new dawn, we want to dig deeper in finding out how law firms have taken recent events in their stride. 


Ortus Group has created a unique and brief survey to gauge strategic trends that are unique to the legal sector. The Ortus Group Law Firm Outlook Survey 2021 that takes respondents only a few minutes to complete has been designed to uncover the following:

  • Biggest strategic and management opportunities and challenges
  • Growth and restructuring trends in law firms across the sector
  • The landscape for talent competition across different practice areas
  • M&A and recruitment trends in the UK legal market from 2021 and beyond;

Furthermore, the findings will provide valuable insight into how recent events have impacted the war for talent in the UK legal market and enable participants to evaluate your approach to, and investment in, growth via recruitment and M&A.


The research will provide pivotal information to firms about understanding the evolution of recruitment trends in the UK legal market. By benchmarking the approach of law firms through the findings of this study, the research will help minimise the ambiguity in facts that lead up to future-shaping decisions. 

Participants of the Ortus Group Law Firm Outlook Survey 2021 will be the first to receive the analytical report and an exclusive invitation to the webinar that further discusses the findings. Participants will automatically be included in a prize draw to win an Amazon Echo Dot.

This is the opportunity for legal firms to have their say in the trends that determine their business goals over the coming year. Participate in the Ortus Group Law Firm Outlook Survey 2021 by CLICKING HERE

Ortus Group specialises in helping law firms make the best decisions for the next chapter of their business whether it is sale, acquisition or growing by the attraction of market-leading lawyers. Their comprehensive approach towards due diligence and process management has been fine-tuned by serving the legal sector over the last 17 years. 

Feel free to reach out to the team for a preliminary, no-obligation chat if you have any questions about what’s right for your firm in 2021 and beyond.