Are you considering a Lateral Move?

Without the jolt of a specific negative event, busy and successful professionals rarely invest the time in themselves to assess their current circumstances and consequently, risk losing sight of both professional and personal goals. The most successful people in virtually any industry you can think of regularly and critically self-evaluate but for one reason or another, this is not as common a practice in law and accountancy. Aside from stymying personal and career growth opportunities, this increases the risk of only ever making a change when circumstances push you into it, which in turn, increases the risk of making a bad decision motivated by a move away from pain rather than toward something positive.

Why is this? People within the professional services industry with lawyers in particular, often tend to be more risk-averse than most which means recognising opportunity can be infrequent at best, even when it may be obvious. It is also generally true that the most successful people are very busy, so the time and effort required to make a reliable and honest assessment of your current position can feel a little daunting too. On top of this, it is known that many people are a little nervous of what they find if they honestly appraise their career trajectory and can subconsciously take steps to avoid this.

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Where to Start?

1. What do I Really Want?
2. Personal Business Plan
3. Preparing for the Real Thing
4. What to Expect from Your Advisor
5. Next Steps