Ortus Group White Paper: Mergers and Acquisitions in the Legal Sector 2020

Legal Mergers and Aquisitions
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In this paper, we’ll explore the existing state of legal mergers and acquisitions across Britain, examine internal and external influences affecting M&A activity, and gain a more thorough understanding of the steps involved in buying and selling a business. Additionally, we’ll consider the average success rate of legal mergers and acquisitions, placing particular focus on why some businesses struggle to thrive following purchase.

Ortus Group delivers this paper at a time when M&A activity across UK law firms is expected to rise substantially.

This paper is an important read for anyone thinking about moving on from a firm they own, especially for those who have worked to build a regional or smaller business similar to the smaller firms we look at here

This 11 page white paper aims to delve deeper into the current and future state of mergers and acquisitions within the legal sector, especially in terms of M&A activity and behaviours amongst some of the UK’s smaller law firms.
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