Head of Company Commercial Law

Our client is a tier one firm specialising in its chosen niche from office in London and the South East. Having developed such a strong name over the last thirty years, the business has recently become employee owned (all staff, not just equity partners) and the current situation with Covid-19 has not only proven the employee ownership model’s advantages, it has also created a lot more work for this law firm which maintains its workflows regardless of economic cycle.

Currently, there is one company commercial solicitor in the firm who is dealing with all contractual and commercial matters arising from the main line of business the firm does for its clients but it is known that there is a lot more work to be captured from the existing client base if only there were a senior person capable of heading up the development of this area within.

This represents an opportunity for a senior solicitor to make a department their own by pulling these threads together, developing on longstanding existing client relationships and increase the ability of the firm to provide a more holistic service.There are no plans to go ‘general practice’; company commercial work is seen as a value-add service rather than a broadening of service range.

No client following is required for this role although you will need to demonstrate some client relationships to evidence your ability to develop these relationships well enough to have some of your own clients.

Please enquire confidentially via colin.white@ortusgroup.com or 07702 981 953.