Law Partner earning 70-90% of fee income

Recent events have tested the readiness of many law firms to mobilise their technology and staff to work from home effectively. This has stretched many firms beyond their comfort zones and broken the IT infrastructure which has required costly upgrades to make it work. Amid this, people and clients have embraced the ability to work from home and the flexibility that brings which means this is likely to become much more widely embraced by the legal industry as a whole, as well as by your clients. Our client is one of the innovators in this space and on the first day of lockdown, their system continued whirring as efficiently as the day before.

Now that you have had time to reflect on working from home, relationships at the office and client relationships, like many others, you may be asking yourself why you work where you do and if it is more to do with habit than a conscious decision that it is where you wish to be.

Our client has built a fantastic infrastructure around the UK which has enabled senior solicitors and partners from traditional firms to develop their own client bases, earn much more than before and do this on your own terms.Think Keystone but without the yoke of external shareholders.

This firm has attracted established partners from firms including regional mid-tier to magic circle and every single person now has a working pattern they want and the vast majority are earning much more income while they do it.Key features available here include:

  • City based offices (multiple sites around the UK) with hotdesks, client meeting rooms, colleagues and excellent coffee!
  • Ongoing training and development program for all
  • Regular social calendar with your colleagues
  • PII cover up to £250m
  • Ratcheted earning mechanism starting at 70% of fee income rising to 90%
  • Administrative and junior solicitor support when required
  • An ability to bring your whole team and embed within the business
  • Full service of legal practice so you can refer work outside of your own expertise to others within the firm as well as receive referrals form others who require your expertise (all paid).
  • Executive coaching and assistance with business plan development and monitoring

If you feel you can bill a minimum of £150,000 from clients who will follow you, please get in touch to hear more about this fantastic business.At this level of billings (assuming you did all the billing yourself), you would earn a minimum of £105,000 before tax in year one.

The future was here several years ago if you knew where to look. Become part of it going forward!

Enquire confidentially by completing the boxes below or by calling 0330 100 4520 and asking to speak with Colin White