Prior to joining Ortus, Paul was an owner manager of his own business for 14 years until he sold up in 2017.
As a result of the business transfer process, he grew interested in how he could adapt his experience to help others and founded a consultancy company where he provided M&A brokerage and business consultancy services to clients across multiple market sectors, always striving to ensure clients get the best fit for both the financial & non-financial considerations. Having been through the process himself, Paul really understands what it is like to sit in the SME owner’s chair and brings more than most to negotiations.

Ortus Group’s history is within the professional services marketplace but Paul’s commercial SME background allows him to be more sector agnostic and he is developing Ortus’ M&A practice more broadly, allowing Colin to focus mainly in the legal practice sector.

Outside of work Paul enjoys golf, football, cooking and ferrying kids from pillar to goalpost!

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